Hello! We're Corinne & River, Content Creators from the UK. Having both come from creative backgrounds we met in London working for ASOS in 2015 and haven't looked back since.

North South Travels was born when we wanted to simply share this extraordinary world we live in.

Moving our lives from London to Manchester and currently to Dubai, we have worked in various full-time jobs which have never quite fulfilled our creative juices. We want to explore, create and collaborate with like-minded people, brands and companies that require our services and would like to work together.

Corinne Oake, beginning a career in fashion working across magazines, TV, film and E-commerce, allowed her to learn and grow into a Stylist then Art Director.

Since starting North South Travels and being fortunate enough to work whilst traveling the world, a second love has been unearthed; Travel Writing. Being the text to his imagery and a voice to his video - they make a good match!

River Hately-Richards, with his adolescence split between London and Spain, his eyes were opened to different cultures from an early ages so I guess that's where it all started from for him.

After scraping through university he found a love for film making and photography. Homing in on his craft, researching, studying, spending hours on YouTube and surrounding himself with like minded people has got him to where he is at.

This brings us to today and the main catalyst which created North South Travels being our passion for travel. We've been very fortunate so far to work with some amazing people and brands. Creating content while traveling allows us to build everlasting relationships with people we may never have had the opportunity to meet and ultimately share our creativity with the world. We hope to inspire people to do the same and chase the "impossible."