Koh Kong


Need a jungle fix to round off your time in Cambodia, then Koh Kong is the direction you should head in. Lying 20 minutes along from the Ta Tai river bridge is Koh Andet island, a tiny but perfectly formed slice of jungle pie. Aboard this island is 4 Rivers, by MAADS. Home to the king of all glamping tents. These family-sized bell tents make way for 2 bedrooms, draped ceilings, queen sized beds, a chaise long and feature rain shower wet room.


Albeit currently missing the much sought after floating lodges due to dam floods the previous summer, this exclusive resort is still sold out 95% of the year and we can see why!


Wake up to plan trees swaying and boats drifting on by. Indulge in 3 course breakfasts and 4 course dinners. Relax by the river, try your hand at kayaking or paddle-boarding and if you fancy exploring further-a-field take the daily tours to the nearby waterfalls, cruise through the mangroves or head inland to try spy the infamous land cat.


With no wifi and no tv, this leafy paradise is permission to just R.E.L.A.X and get some true YOU time. Fancy it?